Was systemisches Coaching kann...

Systemisches Coaching ist eine ressourcenorientierte, gemeinsame Reise, die lösungsorientiert das Gesamtsystem im Blick hat. Der Coachee wird mit methodischer Unterstützung zu seinem eigenen, besten Ergebnis begleitet.

Folgende Themen sind häufig Inhalt des Coachings:

  • Persönlichkeitsentwicklung / persönliches Wachstum
  • Innere Potenziale freilegen und nutzbar machen
  • Konflikte im Innen und Außen lösen
  • Krisenbewältigung
  • Klarheit schaffen
  • Veränderungsprozesse evaluieren und umsetzen


I had a 1 on 1 session with Kati because I was asking for advice and she recognised that the uncertainty was at a deeper level.

I was  very confused about how to approach some decisions that would heavily impact my life and my career. She walked me through a few exercises that made me think about my priorities and find some rails to understand what is important to me.

At the end we also defined the next steps I should take to start the new path I want to follow. All of this while talking very friendly (I have known her for a few years now) and laughing a lot.

I can only recommend her specifically as a coach. She has a huge collection of different methods and she will for sure find the right one for you.


I had some 1 on 1 sessions with with Kati. They were very useful, coach helped me to deep dive within myself and find a way to master aspects that I wanted. Exercises helped me to "live" the feelings and emotions and step aside to be able to decide if they are useful and how I wanted to master them the best...

For me the hardest part was to be courageous to open up and at the same time it had biggest value that helped me to step towards improvement.

I strongly recommend 1 on 1 coaching for all those that would like to grow...


Hi Kati, first at all, thanks for always being so nice! It is always nice to see a smiling face in the office =) Also thanks again for the coaching session you offered. It really helped me face my fears directly and forced me to make the change that i've always wanted to but afraid of making. 

I'm really glad to take part in your first english coaching session =) It is also cool to know that it is possible to change the direction of your career into something completely different later in life and still be so sucessful, that gave me the courage to pursue what i really love =) Best wishes to your coaching career, you are a great scrum master and coach! Many thanks...